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Contarinia sambuci

Contarinia sambuci (Kaltenbach, 1873)

on Sambucus

Contarinia sambuci: galls on Sambucus ebulus

Sambucus ebulus, Montenegro, 1144 m, 25.vii.2019 Cor Zonneveld; see the note below

Contarinia sambuci: galls on Sambucus ebulus



Larvae in the closed and somewhat enlarged flower corolla. The larvae are gregarious, off-yellow; they can jump. Univoltine, hibernation in the soil.

host plants

Adoxaceae, monophagous

Sambucus ebulus, nigra.


For a long time it was assumed that sambuci and C. lonicerearum were synonyms. This has been refuted by Skuhravá (2009a). The incorrect citation of Viburnum lantana as a host plant by Béguinot must stem from this confusion.


The identification of the pictures above is based on the relatively strong enlargement of the corolla, compared to the ovary. The larvae have not been inspected.


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