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Contarinia scrophulariae

Contarinia scrophulariae Kieffer, 1896

on Scrophularia

Contarinia scrophulariae galls

Scrophularia nodosa, Belgium, prov.Liège, Ampsin © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Contarinia scrophulariae galls

galled flowers

Contarinia scrophulariae larvae

larvae in the flower


According to the literature the larvae are lemon yellow; probably the larvae shown above are still young. Univoltine, hibernation in the soil.

host plants

Scrophulariaceae, monophagous

Scrophularia auriculata, canina, nodosa, schousboei, umbrosa.


Stictodiplosis scrophulariae.


Torymus phillyreae.


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