Contarinia sorbi Kieffer, 1896

on Sorbus

Contarinia sorbi galls

Sorbus aucuparia, Otterlo © Arnold Grosscurt

Contarinia sorbi larva

larva, taken out of the gall


The leaflets are folded along their midrib, but are otherwise not obviously galled. The larvae are gregarious, jumping, white. Univoltine, pupation in the soil.


Rosaceae, monophagous

Sorbus aucuparia, torminalis.


Diplosis sorbi author.


Buhr mentions as an inquiline, Clinodiplosis sorbicola Rübssamen, 1917. This is one of the many synonyms of Contarinia cilicrus, a saprophagous species that can be found in all sorts of decaying plant material.


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