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Planetella cornifex

Planetella cornifex (Kieffer, 1898)

on Carex

Planetella cornifex: gall on Carex pallescens

Carex pallescens (from Houard, 1908a).


basal, often subterraneous buds are changed into a horn-shaped gall. Also a bud that has resulted in a shoot may be galled into an onion-shaped structure, in which the shoot is included. Larva solitary.


Cyperaceae, monophagous

Carex bigelowii subsp. dacica, elata, flacca, montana, pallescens, praecox, sylvatica.


Planetella cornifex: spatula

spatula (from Kieffer, 1901a)


Dishormomya, Dishormomyia, Hormomyia, cornifex.


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