Acericecis szepligetii Kieffer, 1901

on Acer

Acericecis szepligetii: galls on Acer tataricum

Acer tataricum, Hongrije, Budapest. Hűvösvölgy © László Érsek

Acericecis szepligetii: galls on Acer tataricum

same leaf, underside

Acericecis szepligetii: galls on Acer tataricum

heavily infected leaf

Acericecis szepligetii: gall on Acer tataricum

transverse section through a gall

Acericecis szepligetii: larva

larva in the gall

Acericecis szepligetii: larva

another aspect

Acericecis szepligetii: larva



Hard, thick walled, irregular roundish swellings of the lamina, usually unilocular, protruding at both sides, but mostly at the upper side; diameter up 3 mm.


Sapindaceae, narrowly monophagous

Acer tataricum.

“Also on A. campestre” (Buhr, 1964b).


Described by Kieffer (1909a); the larva has no spatula.


Oligotrophus szepligetii; the species has been transferred to Acericecis by Gagné & Jaschhof (2014a).


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