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Acericecis vitrina

Acericecis vitrina (Kieffer, 1909)

on Acer

Acericecis vitrina on Acer pseudoplatanus

Acer pseudoplatanus, Zwolle, Zandhove, © Arnold Grosscurt

Acericecis vitrina on Acer pseudoplatanus

gall, underside

Acericecis vitrina: gall on Acer pseudoplatanus

Acer pseudoplatanus, Belgium, prov. Namur, Oignies © Sébastien Carbonnelle

Acericecis vitrina: gall on Acer pseudoplatanus


Acericecis vitrina: gall on Acer pseudoplatanus

opened gall


closed, lenticular, 2 mm large pustule of the lamina of a young leaf, margins more or less transparent; often several in a leaf. Larva white, solitary. Old galls drop out of the lamina. Univoltine; the larvae hibernate in the soil.
The gall is at the underside closed by the lower epidermis of the leaf. Herein the gall differs from the otherwise similar one of Drisina glutinosa, where the larva lies completely free.


Sapindaceae, narrowly monophagous

Acer opalus, pseudoplatanus.


Dasineura, Harrisomyia, Perrisia, vitrina. Redfern & Shirley (2011a) synonymise vitrina with Acericecis campestre; according to Gagné & Jaschhof, this is not correct.


The species occurs in high densities, even causing damage, in areas where air pollution has led to the disappearance of the fungus Rhytisma acerinum (Skuhravá & Skuhravý, 1992b).

Often fungi develop within tha galls, eventually choking the larva and causing the galled tissue to die and fall out of the leaf. The commonest is Apiognomonia hystrix (Wulf).


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