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Dasineura affinis

Dasineura affinis (Kieffer, 1886)

on Viola

Dasineura affinis: galls on Viola cf canina

Viola cf. canina, Zwanenwater

Dasineura affinis: opened gall on Viola cf canina

one to three larvae in a gall

Dasineura affinis: cocoon

the larva pupates within the gall in a silken cocoon


Larvae white, ultimately orange. Several larvae in a thickened, not unusually hairy, leaf roll; pupation within the gal in a white cocoon. Several overlapping generations per year.

host plants

Violaceae, narrowly monophagous

Viola calcarata, canina, elatior, hirta, palustris, reichenbachiana, riviniana.

Sánchez ao add: Viola suavis (= V. odorata subsp. suavis); possibly this observation rather refers to Dasineura odoratae.


Cecidomyia, Perrisia, affinis author.


Lestodiplosis affinis.


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