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Dasineura alpestris

Dasineura alpestris (Kieffer, 1909)

on Arabis

Dasineura alpina: gall on Arabis alpina subsp. caucasica

Arabis alpina subsp. caucasica, GD Luxembourg, Hollenfels © Sébastien Carbonnelle

Dasineura alpina: gall on Arabis alpina subsp. caucasica

another specimen


The bases of the leaves are swollen and broadened, and the leaves are bunched together, forming a dense, often hairy, cluster. Larvae gregarious, red. There are several generations (at low altitudes; higher in the mountains just one); summer larvae pupate in the gall in a white cocoon, those of the winter generation hibernate in the soil.

host plants

Brassicaceae, monophagous

Arabis alpina & subsp. caucasica, aubretioides, hirsuta, stelleri.


Dasineura alpestris: spatula

spatula’s (from Rübsaamen, 1917a, as D. schneideri)


Perrisia alpestris; Dasineura schneideri Rübsaamen (1917).


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