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leafminers, galls and fungi

Dasineura bragancae

Dasineura bragancae (Tavares, 1904)

on Thalictrum


the leaflets are rolled upwards, and strongly bunched together, creating a large, ± globular mass. Inside a number of reddish larvae or their whitish cocoons.

host plants

Ranunculaceae, (narrowly?) monophagous

Thalictrum speciosissimum.

See the note below.


Perrisia bragancae.


The species is described from Portugal, galling “Thalictrum glaucum”. The name of that plant is interpreted by Skuhravá ao as Th. flavum. However, according to the Plant List (2014), glaucum is a synonym of speciosissumum. Moreover, flavum does not occur in Portugal, contrary to speciosissumum, and Houard disscusses flavum and speciosissimum separately.


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