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Dasineura capsulae

Dasineura capsulae Kieffer, 1901

on Euphorbia

Dasineura capsulae: gall on Euphorbia esula

Euphorbia esula, Hungary, Halászi © László Érsek

Dasineura capsulae: galls on Euphorbia esula

two galled fruits

Dasineura capsulae: opened gall

opened gall

Dasineura capsulae: larvae



The fruit is somewhat enlarged, disfigured, ending in an acute, frequently oblique, point. Also the upper leaves of a stem may fuse into a pyriform gall of about 1 cm length; the same may happen to axillary buds, the galls are smaller then. Inside one large chamber. Larvae gregarious, orange red. Pupation in the soil.

host plants

Euphorbiaceae, monophagous

Euphorbia amygdaloides, baetica, cyparissias, esula & subsp. tommasiniana, falcata, helioscopia, lucida, nicaeensis, palustris, pithyusa, salicifolia.


Perrisia capsulae.


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