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Dasineura galiicola

Dasineura galiicola (Löw, 1881)

on Galium

Dasineura galiicola: gall on Galium palustre

Galium palustre, Belgium, prov. Luxembourg, Commanster © Pascal Hauteclair

Dasineura galiicola: gall on Galium aparine

Galium aparine, Belgium, prov. Hainaut: Erquelinnes, Grand-Reng © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Dasineura galiicola: gall on Galium aparine

another specimen

Dasineura galiicola: gall on Galium aparine

galled lateral bud


Growing tops changed into an artichoke gall: te internodia are shortened, the leaves are shortened and brodened at their base, but not abnormally hairy. Larvae gregarious, orange-yellow. Univoltine of bivoltine, hibernation in the ground.

host plants

Rubiaceae, monophagous

Galium aparine, boreale, lucidum & subsp. cinereum, megalospermum, mollugo, palustre, pumilum, sylvaticum, uliginosum, verum.


Cecidomyia, Perrisia, galiicola.


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