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Dasineura harrisoni

Dasineura harrisoni (Bagnall, 1922)

on Filipendula

Dasineura harrisoni: galls on Filipendula vulgaris

Filipendula vulgaris, France, dép. Maine-et-Loire, Belleville-en-Layon, Mont Benault, 3.vii.2018, leg Olivier Durand © Jérôme Tourneur


More or less globular, smooth swellings, either of the stem or petioles, or the leaves. In the latter case the galls are smaller, protruding at both sides of the blade. The galls often are grouped and then the galls and their single larval chamber tend coalesce to a some degree. Larvae in principle solitary, red; they pupate in the gall in a tough, leathery cocoon. Bivoltine.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Filipendula ulmaria, vulgaris.


Dasineura jaapiana Rübsaamen, 1917 – homonym. The drawing of galls of Dasineura ulmaria (Perrisia ulmariae) on Filipendula vulgaris in Houard (1908a) very probably applies to harrisoni.


Because the leaf galls occur only on F. vulgaris, and the stem galls only on F. ulmaria the question easily arises if perhaps two species are involved.


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