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Dasineura lamiicola

Dasineura lamiicola (Mik, 1888)

on Lamium

Dasineura lamiicola: galls on Lamium maculatum

Lamium maculatum (from Mik, 1888a)


A white, hairy globule, the size of a pea, in a leaf axil, at the end of a stem or, mostly, the end of a stolon. Larvae white, gregarious; pupation in the gall.

host plants

Lamiaceae, monophagous

Lamium album, maculatum, purpureum.

larva and pupa

Dasineura lamiicola: spatula, pupa

spatula and pupa (from Mik, 1888a)


Cecidomyia lamiicola. Rübsaamen (1917a) argues that lamiicola is a synonym of Dasineura galeobdolontis, now strumosa.


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