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Dasineura leguminicola

Dasineura leguminicola (Lintner, 1879)

clover seed midge

on Trifolium

Dasineura leguminicola: galls on Trifolium pratense

Trifolium pratense, Polen, Bialowieza © Sébastien Carbonnelle

Dasineura leguminicola: gall on Trifolium pratense

opened gall

Dasineura leguminicola: galls on Trifolium pratense

Trifolium pratense, Flevoland, Reve-Abbertbos © Hans Jonkman


A galled flower remains closed and underdeveloped within the enlarged calyce, and contains one white, later pink larva, that pupates within the gall. Usually many flowers of a flower head ad attacked, giving the head an untidy appearance, and making it firm to the touch. Two or three annual generations; pupation in the soil.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Trifolium arvense, bordzilowskyi, hybridum, medium, pratense.

Not on T. repens.


Cecidomyia, Perrisia, flosculorum Kieffer, 1890.


The larvae are predated upon by Lestodiplosis pallidicornis and L. trifolii.


Dasineura leguminicola spatula

spatula (from Nijveldt, 1963a)

Dasineura leguminicola: larva

anal segment (from Nijveldt, 1963a)

parasitoids, predators

Aprostocetus pausiris.


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