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Dasineura myosotidis

Dasineura myosotidis (Kieffer, 1902)

on Myosotis

Dasineura myosotidis: galled flower of Myosotis spec.

Myosotis spec., België, prov. Antwerpen, Balen, Scheps © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Dasineura myosotidis: larvae in opened flower

two larvae in an opened flower; the corolla has vanished, but the fruits are completely intact.


The calyx is inflated, the corolla within is stunted or vanished; the fruits are completely intact. Larvae whitish or yellowish white. Probably univoltine; pupation in the ground.


Boraginaceae, monophagous

Myosotis discolor & subsp. canariensis, laxa & subsp. caespitosa, nemorosa, scorpioides, stricta.


Perrisia myosotidis. Dasineura, Perrisia palustris Kieffer, 1909 is considered a synonym by Gagné (2010a) and Gagné & Jaschhof (2014a). This is surprising, because, according to Buhr, that species would have red larvae.


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