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Dasineura myrtylli

Dasineura myrtylli Rübsaamen, 1916

on Vaccinium

Dasineura cf myrtylli

Vaccinium myrtillus, France, dép. Ardennes, Gué d’Hossus © Stéphane Claerebout

Dasineura cf myrtylli

same leaf, underside


The leaf margin is rolled inwards, either up or down, en discoloured yellowish.

host plants

Ericaceae, monophagous

Vaccinium myrtillus, vitis-idaea.


Jaapiella myrtylli. According to Gagné the more logical spelling myrtilli, is incorrect.


Possibly not an autonomous gall causer, but an inquiline of Hygrodiplosis vaccinii (Redfern & Shirley, 2011a) or Jaapiella vacciniorum (Skuhravá, Skuhravý & Meyer, 2014a).
Because of this discussion, and also because the gall did not contain a larva, the identification of the pictures above nas to be tentative.


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