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Dasineura napi

Dasineura napi (Loew, 1850)

brassica pod midge

on Brassicaceae

Dasineura napi: galls on Brassica napus

Brassica napus, Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár © László Érsek

Dasineura napi: galls on Brassica napus


Dasineura napi:opened gall

opened siliqua

Dasineura napi: larvae


Dasineura napi: larvae

more in detail

Dasineura napi gall

Sinapis, Belgium, Bruxelles © Jean-Philippe Coppée


The larvae are white and cannot jump; ± larvae in a silique. The species is a pest in crops of oilseed rape. Oviposition mostly in wounds that previously had been made in the pod, in particular by feeding by the weevil Ceutorhynchus obstrictus. Several generations per year; pupation in the soil.

host plants

Brassicaceae, oligophagous

Berteroa incana; Brassica napus, oleracea, rapa; Camelina sativa; Capsella bursa-pastoris; Coincya monensis subsp. cheiranthos; Diplotaxis tenuifolia; Eruca vesicaria; Erucastrum nasturtiifolium; Raphanus caudatus, raphanistrum & subsp. landra, sativus; Sinapis alba, arvensis.


Cecidomyia, Dasineura, Dasyneura, brassicae Winnertz, 1853.

parasitoids, predators

Mesopolobus morys; Omphale clypealis; Platygaster subuliformis.


Pest insect.


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