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Dasineura pustulans

Dasineura pustulans (Rübsaamen, 1889)

on Filipendula

Dasineura pustulans: gall on Filipendula ulmaria

Filipendula ulmaria, Vreeland, Lambertskade

Dasineura pustulans gall

Filipendula ulmaria, Amstersdamsche Bosch: upperside

Dasineura pustulans gall


Dasineura pustulans larva

living larva

Dasineura pustulans larva

larva, dark field

Dasineura pustulans larva


Dasineura pustulans

One gall did not contain a larva, but this small cone; perhaps an early larval stage?

Dasineura pustulans

same individual, lighted from behind


Larva transparant white, in two annual generations; pupation in the soil.


Rosaceae, monophagous

Filipendula ulmaria.

Mentioned by Houard also from F. vulgaris.


Cecidomyia pustulans.


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