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Dasineura schulzei

Dasineura schulzei Rübsaamen, 1917

on Euphorbia

Dasineura schulzei: gall on Euphorbia palustris

Euphorbia palustris, Sweden, Gothenburg © Johan Ennerfelt

Dasineura schulzei: gall on Euphorbia palustris

Opened gall with pupa; the inner leaves of the gall have died off!


End of the vegetative stem with a relatively loose, 3 cm long tuft of erect leaves. Larva pale orange-red, gregarious; pupation in a cocoon, either in the ground or in the gall; several generations.


Euphorbiaceae, monophagous

Euphorbia agraria, amygdaloides, helioscopia, lucida, palustris, seguieriana.


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