Dasineura tetensi (Rübsaamen, 1892)

on Ribes

Dasineura tetensi: gall on Ribes uva-crispa

Ribes uva-crispa, Belgium, prov. Namur, Philippeville (Agimont); © Stéphane Claerebout

Dasineura tetensi: gall on Ribes uva-crispa

underside of the leaf


The young leaves are crumpled, often strongly hairly; between the folds a number of larvae: white when young, yellowish or orange later. Three or four generations per year, pupation in the ground.


Grossulariaceae, monofaag

Ribes nigrum, uva-crispa.


Cecidomyia, Perrisia, tetensi; Dasineura, Perrisia, ribicola Kieffer, 1909? Based on breeding experiments, Buhr believes that tetensi only lives on R. nigrum, while ribicola, as an independent species, is limited to R. uva-crispa. However, Gagné (2010a) considers the two synonymous.


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