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Dasyneuriola prolifica

Dasyneuriola prolifica Dorchin & Danon, 2019

on Suaeda

Dasyneuriola prolifica: gall on Suaeda vera

Suaeda vera, galled terminal bud (from Dorchin ao)


1-2 cm sized galling of terminal and lateral buds. Between the thickened and widened leaves live 3-30 light orange larvae. Pupation in white silken cocoons in the gall. Multivoltine.

host plants

Amaranthaceae, monophagous

Suaeda asphaltica, vera.

distribution within Europe

Canary Islands, Spain, Israel.


Dasyneuriola prolifica: spatula

spatula and associated papillae (from Dorchin ao)


Dorchin, Danon & Dor (2019a).

Last modified 11.x.2019