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Xerephedromyia ustjurdensis

Xerephedromyia ustjurdensis Fedotova, 1992

on Ephedra

Xerephedromyia ustjurtensis: galls on Ephedra distachya

Ephedra distachya, France, dép Hérault, Portiragnes, 23.iii.2019 © Henri Maleysson

Xerephedromyia ustjurtensis: galls on Ephedra distachya


Xerephedromyia ustjurtensis: opened gall

detail of an opened gall


Larvae in a sharply defined, globular to oval, initially multi-chambered stem gall.

host plants

Ephedraceae, monophagous

Ephedra distachya.


This species was described from Kazakhstan, but has since been found in southern France and Spain.


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