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Lasioptera berlesiana

Lasioptera berlesiana Paoli, 1907

on Olea


The larva lives in the tunnels made in the fruits of the olive by the larva of Bactrocera oleae. In these tunnels also lives the fungus Camarosporium dalmaticum. According to some sources the gall midge larva lives as a mycophage on this fungus; others state that he lives as a predator on the Bactrocera larvae.

host plants

Oleaceae, monophagous

Olea europaea

Also said to occur on Pistacia lentiscus (Anacardiaceae).


Prolasioptera berlesiana; Lasioptera kiefferiana del Guercio, 1910; Lasioptera brevicornis Melis, 1925; Lasioptera carpophila del Guercio, 1918.


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