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Ozirhincus longicollis

Ozirhincus longicollis Rondani, 1840

on Anthemis, Leucanthemum, Tanacetum, Tripleurospermum

Ozirhincus  longicollis: galls in capitulum of Tanacetum vulgare

Tanacetum vulgare, Loenen (Ge), 21.ix.2012 © Arnold Grosscurt

Ozirhincus  longicollis: galled achenes in capitulum of Tanacetum vulgare

Tanacetum vulgare, Houthem-St. Gerlach, 13.ix.2012: galls in opened capitulum

Ozirhincus longicollis: larva in its gall

Nieuwendam, 7.ix.2012: larva in its gall

Ozirhincus longicollis: spatula

spatula and adjacent papillae (from Dorch ao)


A single orange larva develops within a swollen achene. Bivoltine; hibernation and pupation within the gall.

host plants

Asteraceae, Anthemideae, nauw oligofaag

Anthemis arvensis, bornmuelleri, cotula, pseudocotula, rascheyana; ? Chamaemelum nobile; Chrysanthemum indicum; Leucanthemum vulgare; Tanacetum ? argenteum, balsamita, coccineum, parthenium, poteriifolium, vulgare; Tripleurospermum inodorum.


Clinodiplosis, Clinorrhyncha, chrysanthemi (Löw, 1850); C. leucanthemi Kieffer, 1898; C. tanaceti Kieffer, 1889; Ozirhincus tanaceti.

larva, pupa

See Dorchin ao


Because the larvae can only be distinguished from those of O. hungaricus by a microscopical inspection of the spatula and adjacent papillae, the identifications of the pictures above are no longer definite.


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