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Bayeriola thymicola

Bayeriola thymicola (Kieffer, 1888)

on Thymus

Bayeriola thymicola: galls on Thymus spec.

Thymus spec., France, dép. Hérault, Brissac © Ben van As

Bayeriola thymicola: galls on Thymus spec.


Bayeriola thymicola: gall on Thymus spec.

Thymus spec., Belgium, prov. Namur, Couvin, Frasnes-lez-Couvin, RN Tienne du Lion © Stéphane Claerebout: most galls are terminal

Bayeriola thymicola: gall on Thymus spec.

sometimes two together

Bayeriola thymicola: gall on Thymus spec.

combined with a misshaped inflorescence

Bayeriola thymicola: gall on Thymus spec.

according to the literature the gall usually houses but a single larva, but ten inspected galls all contained several inhabitants

Bayeriola thymicola: larvae

Thymus spec., Spain, Barcelona © Sébastien Carbonnelle


Strongly hairy rosette galls, 1-2 cm ø, at the end of the twigs. The red larva pupate within the gall in a white cocoon. Bivoltine.

host plants

Lamiaceae, monophagous

Thymus granatensis, hyemalis, mastichina, membranaceus, praecox subsp. polytrichus, pulegioides & subsp. chamaedrys + pannonicus, serpyllum, sibthorpii, striatus, vulgaris.


Cecidomyia, Bayeria, Janetiella, Wachtliella, thymicola.

parasitoids, predators

Mesopolobus diffinis.


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