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Geocrypta campanulae

Geocrypta campanulae (Müller, 1871)

on Campanula

Geocrypta campanulae: galls on Campanula rotundifolia

Campanula rotundifolia, Belgium, prov Namur, Nismes, RN les Abannets © Stéphane Claerebout

Geocrypta campanulae: gall on Campanula rotundifolia

galled axillary bud

Geocrypta campanulae: larva

the colour of the larva does not match the description in the literature!


The flower buds are swollen onlion-like, fleshy, and remain closed. Also the axillary buds, and even more the terminal buds, can become galled. In the galls one or more red (according to literature) larvae. Univoltine, hibernation in the soil.


Camapnulaceae, monophagous

Campanula cochleariifolia, persicifolia, rotundifolia, scheuchzeri, trachelium.

Most authors refer to C. rotundifolia. only.


Ceckdomyia, Geocrypta, Perrisia, trachelii Wachtl, 1885.


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