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Jaapiella dittrichi

Jaapiella dittrichi (Rübsaamen, 1895)

on Seseli, Silaum

Jaapiella dittrichi: galls on Seseli libanotis

Seseli libanotis, France, dépt. Ardennes, Givet, lieu-dit “Fort Condé” © Sébastien Carbonnelle

Jaapiella dittrichi: gall on Seseli libanotis


Jaapiella dittrichi: galls on Silaum silaus

Silaum silaus, Frakrijk, dép. Nord, Condé sur l’Escaut © Sébastien Carbonnelle

Jaapiella dittrichi: galls on Silaum silaus

the growth severely be disturbed

Jaapiella dittrichi: galls on Silaum silaus

galled parts die off


The leaf veins are swollen, and the lamina between is pleated upwards. Between the folds, at the upper side, several larva that are red, with at maturity reddish anterior and posterior ends. Pupation in the ground.

host plants

Apiaceae, oligophagous

Seseli libanotis; silaus.


Dichelomyia dittrichi.


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