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Jaapiella scabiosae

Jaapiella scabiosae (Kieffer, 1888)

on Scabiosa

Jaapiella scabiosae: galls on Scabiosa columbaria

Scabiosa columbaria, galls (from Houard, 1909a)


The innermost leaves of the ground rosette or of a lateral bud are thickened, shell-like, and form a white-hairy compact gall. Larvae gregarious, not jumping, white with (upon maturity) the anterior and posterior end reddish. Pupation in the ground.

host plants

Caprifoliaceae, monophagous

Scabiosa columbaria.


Cecidomyia, Cystiphora, Perrisia, scabiosae.


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