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Macrolabis lutea

Macrolabis lutea Rübsaamen, 1914

on Euphorbia

Macrolabis lutea

Euphorbia cyparissias, Luxemburg, Dudelange, Haerdt; opened bud gall with a larva visible

Macrolabis lutea: larvaMacrolabis lutea: pupa

larva and (parasitised) pupa

Macrolabis lutea: larvaMacrolabis lutea: spatula

head section dorsal and, ventrally the tip of the spatula


inquiline in the gall of Spurgia euphorbiae. Larva white. Pupation without a cocoon, in the soil (contrary to euphorbiae).


Euphorbiaceae, monophagpous

Euphorbia cyparissias.


Macrolabis lutea: spatula

spatula and adjacent papillae (from Gagné, 1990a)


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