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Macrolabis pilosellae

Macrolabis pilosellae (Binnie, 1877)

on Pilosella

Macrolabis pilosellae on Pilosella officinarum

Pilosella officinarum, Holtingerveld © Ben van As

Macrolabis pilosellae on Pilosella officinarum



Sveral leaves in the centre of the rosette erect, rolled inwards, exteriorly abnormally felty hairy. Larvae gregarious, white or cream when young, pale orange to red when mature; they pupate in the gall.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Pilosella echioides, officinarum.


Macrolabis pilosellae: spatula

prosternum with spatula (from Möhn, 1955a)


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