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Oligotrophus valerii

Oligotrophus valerii (Tavares, 1904)

on Juniperus

Oligotrophus valerii: gall on Juniperus oxycedrus

Juniperus oxycedrus, Spanje, Cataluña, Corçà (Àger), Ermita de Mare de Déu de la Pertusa © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Oligotrophus valerii: gall on Juniperus oxycedrus

another specimen


Bud gall, formed by two whorls of needles, pear-shaped, squat, 8-10 mm long, with its broad base attached in the axil of a needle. Univoltine; hibernation in the gall, in spring also there the pupation.

host plants

Cupressaceae, oligophagous

Juniperus communis, oxycedrus & subsp. macrocarpa + transtagana.


Arceuthomyia, Rhopalomyia, valerii; Oligotrophus oxycedri Rübsaamen, 1916.


Species of SW Europe.


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