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Rabdophaga nielsenii

Rabdophaga nielsenii Kieffer, 1906

on Salix


Larva in a 1 x 3 cm large cell in the woord and pith of a one-year old shoot. The wall of the cell is dark coloured, the pith is coloured orange over 2-3 cm At the outside sometimes a 3 x 6 mm large discolouration of the bark is visible, bordered by a seam. Along the same, later also within in, the bark flakes off. After the pupa has emerged a black wound develops, bordered by a wall of callus
Sometimes 4-5 cells lie in a row. Then shoot then may be lightly swollen and locally darkened. In these cases the shoot dies off.
Larva red, slender, solitary. Pupation in the gall. The pupa emerges from the basal part of its cell. Upon emergence the pupal skin remains in the opening.
Probably bivoltine.


Salicaceae, monophagous


Kieffer & Nielsen described species and gall from “several Salix species”, without naming any. Rübsaamen believed to recognise the species he had reared from Salix repens. Buhr mentions the species from S. aurita, repens and willows. The narrow relation with Salix pentandra that is mentioned by Redfern & Shirley is certainly too constrained.


Dasineura nielsenii.


Rabdophaga nielsenii: spatula

spatula (from Rübsaamen)


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