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Rabdophaga repenticola

Rabdophaga repenticola (stelter, 1964)

on Salix

Rabdophaga repenticola: gall on Salix repens

gall on Salix repens (from Nijveldt, 1997a)


The larvae live in abnormally strongly haired lateral buds. The internodia are strongly shortened,
giving the end of a branch the appearance of a club. Especially in winter time this is very conspicuous. The larva is orange-red to pale red.


Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix repens.

distribution within Europe

the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark (Nijveldt).


Not only the galls, also the midges are strongly similar to R. clavifex. Many wuropean authors accept the two as valid species, but in the authoritative checklist by Gagné & Jaschhof (2014a) they are considered synonymous.


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