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Rabdophaga saliciperda

Rabdophaga saliciperda (Dufour, 1841)

on Salix

Rabdophaga saliciperda: old galls on Salix alba

Salix alba, Engeland, Dorset © Jenny Seawright: old galls

Rabdophaga saliciperda: old galls on Salix alba



The larvae live each in an elliptic gall chamber in the sapwood under the bark of a somewhat older branch; the chambers lie more or less parallel to the surface. The bark swells, splits and frays; after the midges have emerged, parts of the sapwood and the gall chambers become exposed. Larvae greenish yellow. Univoltine,de larva hibernates, and pupates in spring just below the epidermis of the branch.


Salicaceae, monofaag

Salix alba, aurita & subsp. oleifolia, caprea, x fragilis, nigra, purpurea, repens, triandra, viminalis.

Salix alba is probably the most important hostplant.


described by Kieffer (1892a) en Nijveldt & Yukawa (1982a). The pupa bears, between the two prothoracic horns, a pair of relatively large, brown teeth.

Rabdophaga pulvini: gall ob Salix aurita x cinerea

gall on Salix aurita x cinerea, England, Dorset © Jenny Seawright

Rabdophaga pulvini: opened gall

opened gall

Rabdophaga pulvini: larva


Rabdophaga pulvini: spatula


Rabdophaga saliciperda: spatula variability

variability of the spatula (from Rübsaamen, 1916a)

Rabdophaga saliciperda: spatula

prosternum with spatula (from Möhn, 1955a)


Cecidomyia, Dasineura, Helicomyia, Rhabdophaga, saliciperda.


As a specialised predator lives in the galls Lestodiplosis gammae.


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