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Rabdophaga viminalis

Rabdophaga viminalis (Westwood, 1847)

on Salix

Rabophaga viminalis: gall on Salix viminalis

Salix viminalis: characteristic gall with empty pupal skin (from Stelter, 1980a)


Under the bark of twigs lives an orange or red larva; the branches are not or only weakly swollen, but the bark has burst open, leaving an ellipse about 10 mm long. Before pupation, the larva makes an emergence opening. Probably univoltine.


Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix viminalis.

According to Stelter also S. aurita, cinerea.


Dasineura viminalis; Dasineura, Rhabdophaga, perforans (Kieffer, 1906).


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