Rhopalomyia florum (Kieffer, 1890)

Diptera, Cecidomyiidae

on Artemisia

Rhopalomyia florum gall

Artemisia vulgaris, Nieuwendam: gall, between two developing fruits and an abortive one

Rhopalomyia florum larva

opened gall with larvs

Rhopalomyia florum parasitised gall

parasitised gall (contained a dead chalcid wasp)

Rhopalomyia florum gall

Artemisia vulgaris, Nieuwedam; at left a normal fruit, at right a galled one

Rhopalomyia florum gall

emptied and vacated gall


Asteraceae, narrowly monophagous

Artemisia maritima, vulgaris.


The flower heads containing a gall cannot be distinguished from normal heads. The only way to find the galls is by random insepection of ripe flower heads. In my expeprience the galls are not at all rare – tens of galls per plant.


Diarthronomyia florum.


see also Rh. magnusi, treated by Buhr as a more or less forgotten species.


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