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Rhopalomyia tubifex

Rhopalomyia tubifex (Bouché, 1847)

on Artemisia

Rhopalomyia tubifex: galls on Artemisia campestris

Artemisia campestris, galls (from Houard, 1909a)


De tip of the stem bears a number of tubular galls: 1-1.5 cm long, usually hairy. They are open at the end, with a number of outwards bent, hairy teeth. Also the flower heads may be transformed into similar galls. Larva solitary, white. Pupation within the gall, bivoltine.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Artemisia campestris & subsp. glutinosa + maritima, scoparia.


Rhopalomyia tubifex: prosternum

the prosternum has no spatula (from Möhn, 1955a)


Misospatha tubifex.


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