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Spurgia euphorbiae

Spurgia euphorbiae (Vallot, 1827)

on Euphorbia

Spurgia euphorbiae: gall

Euphorbia cyparissias, Hungary, Lébény, 19.vii.2020 © László Érsek: gall

Spurgia euphorbiae: larva

opened gall with larva

Spurgia euphorbiae: larva


Spurgia euphorbiae: parasitoid larva

parasitoid larva

Spurgia cf euphorbia: gall on Euphorbia cyparissias

Euphorbia cyparissias, France, dép. Dordogne, Saint-Cyprien, 5.v.2019 © Arnold Grosscurt

Spurgia cf euphorbia: gall on Euphorbia cyparissias

larva in opened gall

Spurgia euphorbiae gall

Euphorbia cyparissias, Belgium, prov. Luxembourg, Resteigne, Les Pairées, 30.v.2008 © Jean-Yves Baugnée

host plants

Euphorbiaceae, monophagous

Euphorbia amygdaloides, characias, cyparissias, dulcis, esula & subsp. tommasiniana, falcata, helioscopia, iberica, illyrica, myrsinites, nicaeensis, salicifolia, seguieriana. serrata, verrucosa.


Larvae in enlarged terminal buds. The galls may be relatively loose and slender, green en with cleary widened scales. Somewhat later in the year the galls are more compact and globular, pink, and with less strongly widened scales. Larvae yellow, gregarious, active. Multivoltine. Pupation in a cocoon in the gall or in the soil. Hibernation in the soil. Only the adult midges can be distinguished from those of S. esulae.


Bayeria, Perrisia, capitigena Bremi, 1847; Cecidomyia euphorbiae Löw, 1850; Dasineura, Perrisia, subpatula Bremi, 1847 [cf Gagné, 2004a].


Macrolabis lutea.

parasitoids, predators

Omphale euphorbiae; Torymus chloromerus.


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