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Heterotoma merioptera

Heterotoma merioptera (Scopoli, 1763)


Larvae and adults at the leaves, zoophytophagous.

host plants


Acer campestre; Crataegus; Elaeagnus; Eupatorium cannabinum; Genista; Malus domestica; Origanum vulgare; Pistacia terebinthus; Prunus avium, spinosa; Quercus; Rhododendron; Rosa; Rubus; Salix; Solanum dulcamara; Thymus; Ulmus; Urtica; Vaccinium myrtillus; Vitis vinifera.

distribution within Europe

PESI (2021).


Heterotoma meriopterum; H. dalmatinum (Wagner, 1950).


According to the study by Goula, alle references to this species from Spain are incorrect; the list of host plants therefore too is not reliable.


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