Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Aleuroclava jasmini

Aleuroclava jasmini (Kuwana, 1911)

jasmine whitefly

on Bougainvillea, Gardenia

Aleuroclava jasmini: puparium

puparium (from Malumphy & Mifsud).


Puparia on chlorotic spots at the undersides of the leaves. Puparia often, certainly not unvariably, with a pair of dark spots.

host plants

Nyctaginaceae, Rubiaceae, polyphagous

Bougainvillea; Gardenia jasminoides.

distribution within Europe

Malta, Croatia.


Malumphy & Mifsud (2012a), Šimala, Masten Milek & Korić (2009a).

Last modified 31.viii.2020