Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Aleurotulus nephrolepidis

Aleurotulus nephrolepidis (Quaintance, 1900)

on ferns

Aleurotulus nephrolepidis: puparium

puparium (from Hernández-Suárez ao)


Puparia widely scattered on the leaves, very difficult to find.

host plants

Pteridophyta, narrowly polyphagous

Asplenium viviparum; Blechnum; Dryopteris; Nephrolepis; Polystichum.

Aspidium , also mentioned by Hernández-Suárez, cannot well be interpreted.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Hernández-Suárez, Martin, Gill ao (2012a), Huldén (1986a).

Last modified 16.iii.2019