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Bemisia afer

Bemisia afer (Priesner & Hosny, 1934)


Bemisia afer: eggs and puparia

eggs and puparia (from Malumphy, Radonjić, Hrnčić & Raičević)

Bemisia afer: puparium

Bemisia afer: puparium © Pest and Diseases Image Library,


Puparia ± 1 mm, at the undersides of the leaves.

host plants

Artemisia thuscula; Bencomia caudata; Bystropogon odoratissimus; Carpinus betulus; Ceratonia siliqua; Cistus monspeliensis, symphytifolius; Citrus aurantium, limon; Clematis vitalba; Echium giganteum, pininana, virescens; Erigeron bonariensis; Eucalyptus; Genista microphylla; Gesnouinia arborea; Ilex aquifolium; Laurus nobilis, novocanariensis; Marcetella maderensis; Morus; Ocotea foetens; Persea indica; Phyllis nobla; Rhamnus alaternus; Rubus bollei, ulmifolius; Salix canariensis; Viburnum tinus subsp. rigidum.

Mentioned by Gómez-Menor also from “Cinachum acutum” (? Cynanchum acutum).

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Bemisia citricola Gómez-Menor, 1944.


In general it is known of Aleyrodidae that morphological characteristics are affected, at least in part, by host plant morphology, including presence or absence of leaf hairs, and differences in the morphology of the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Even then, the variation in Bemisia afer is so wide that it is assumed to be an assemblage of related forms. See in particular Hernández-Suárez ao for impressive examples.


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