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Aphis cisticola

Aphis cisticola Leclant & Remaudière, 1972

on Cistus, Halimium, Helianthus


Apterae 1-2 mm, yellow to bluish green, with light dusting of wax, dark apices to legs and antennae, and black siphunculi and cauda. In dense colonies on leaves, shoots, and flower stems; attended by ants.

host plants

Cistaceae, oligophagous

Cistus albidus, halimifolius, ladanifer, lasianthus subsp. alyssoides, laurifolius, monspeliensis, ocymoides, salviifolius, umbellatus; Helianthemum cinereum, croceum, hirtum, violaceum.

distribution within Europe

West Mediterranean.


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