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Aphis confusa

Aphis confusa Walker, 1849

on Caprifoliaceae


in spring as ± 2 mm long, green or dark green aphids high in the plants and in the inflorescence. In summer as smaller, pale yellow or yellowish green aphids at the underside of leaves, at the base of stems or on roots. Intensely ant-attended.

host plants

Caprifoliaceae – Dipsacoideae, narrowly oligophagous

Dipsacus fullonum; Knautia arvensis, dinarica, dipsacifolia, drymeia, longifolia; Lomelosia argentea; Scabiosa columbaria, ochroleuca, triandra; Sixalix atropurpurea; Succisa pratensis.


Cerosipha confusa.


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