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Aphis craccae

Aphis craccae Linnaeus, 1758

on Vicia

Aphis craccae galled inflorescence

Vicia cracca, Utrecht, Terwijden: galled leaves © Arnold Grosscurt

Aphis craccae aphid

an aphid

host plants

Fabaceae, narrowly monophagous

Viciacassubica, cracca & subsp. incana, ? lutea, monanta, sativa, sepium, sylvatica, tenuifolia, villosa & subsp. varia.

Vicia cracca is the most important host plant by far. Records from other genera (Ceratonia siliqua, Laburnum anagyroides), and in particular broad beans, almost always stem from confusion with other black aphids.


Pergandeida craccae.


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