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Aphis euphorbiae

Aphis euphorbiae Kaltenbach, 1843

spurge aphid

on Euphorbia

Aphis cf euphorbiae on Euphorbia esula

Euphorbia esula, Belgium, prov. Liège, Baelen, Maasvallei, 3.vii.2022 © Sébastien Carbonelle – identification conditional!


Apterae 1-2 mm, brownish black, often dusted with wax-powder; siphunculi and cauda black, tibiae whitish except base and tip. The aphids live between the leaves at the upper part of the stem, also in the inflorescence.

host plants

Euphorbiaceae, monophagous

Euphorbia austriaca, cyparissias, esula, helioscopia, peplus, salicifolia, seguieriana.

Euphorbia cyparissias is the main host plant.


Pergandeida euphorbiae.


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