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Aphis fabae cirsiiacanthoidis

Aphis fabae cirsiiacanthoidis Scopoli, 1763

on Euonymus, primary host plant


the leaves are curled. At the underside 2-3 mm large, dull black aphids.

host plants

Celastraceae, monophagous

Euonymus europaeus.

A reference by Roskam to Philadelphus coronarius possibly rather applies to Aphis fabae mordvilkoi.

on Cirsium etc, secondary host plants

Aphis fabae cirsiiacanthoidis on Cirsium tuberosum

Cirsium tuberosum, France, dép. Savoie, Val-Cenis, 1650 m, 30.vii.2019 © Pierre Suhem

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Cirsium arvense, eriophorum, palustre, vulgare.

Less frequently Cirsium carniolicum, erisithales, rivulare, tuberosum; Carduus defloratus; an observation on Meum athamanticum must be exceptional. Müller & Horatschek (1980b) reported this form from Veratrum nigrum.


often large colonies of 2-3 mm large, dull black aphids high in the plants.


Aphis cirsiiacanthoidis; Aphis acanthi von Paula Schrank, 1801.


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