Aphis hieracii von Paula Schrank, 1801

on Hieracium


the higher leaves are disfigured and rolled in downwards (? see below). Aphids 1-3 mm, bluish to dark green, with darker head, siphunculi and cauda; they are ant-visited.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Hieracium lachenalii, laevigatum, murorum, sabaudum, saxifragum, schmidtii, umbellatum & subsp. “dunense” + filifolium.

H. umbellatum is the main host plant.


Cerosipha hieracii.


The upwards rolling of the leaves that was reported by Buhr is not confirmed by Holman; he rather supposes this to be the work of Nasonovia compositellae nigra.


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