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Aphis urticata

Aphis urticata Gmelin, 1790

dark green nettle aphid

on Urtica

Aphis urticata: aptera

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Aphis urticata gall

Urtica dioica, Ommen, de Kleine Wolf © Arnold Grosscurt

Aphis urticata aphids



Apterae 1-2 mm; in dense, ant-attended colonies at the top the growing plants; in high summer as pale yellow dwarf forms at the underside of the leaves.

host plants

Urticaceae, monophagous

Urtica dioica, membranacea, pilulifera, urens.

According to Houard also Parietaria judaica.


Aphidula urticata; Aphis urticae Fabricius, 1775.


predator Aphidoletes urticaria.


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