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Aphis vitalbae

Aphis vitalbae Ferrari, 1972

on Clematis

Aphis vitalbae: apterae etc on Clematis vitalba

Clematis vitalba © M Kręciała; from Hałaj & Osiadacz (2015a): three morphs in one image: A: vivipara; B: oviparous female; C: male


Apterae 1-2 mm; they do not produce wax, therefore appearing shiny. At the tips of the shoots, petioles and at the underside of the leaves.

host plants

Ranunculaceae, monophagous

Clematis flammula, vitalba.


Easily confused with Aphis clematidis; however, in that species the setae on antennae and feet are much longer (Nieto Nafría ao, 1991a).


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